A vacation on the shores of the Egyptian Red Sea was Veronica Blake’s long lasting dream. 

But dreams turn into nightmares. Controlling boyfriend Peter complains and embarrasses her frequently in front of everybody from the start. A trip to the ancient sites turns into a disaster. But the salvation comes in the form of the mysterious Nicholas, a blue-eyed man she remembers from the hotel. 

Deep in the Sahara desert Veronica encounters a totally different way of life. She desperately seeks the truth about everything that happened. Alone and afraid of her new written future she finds consolation with Nicholas, the only man she’s left to trust. 

Will she ever accept the truth she seeks, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Will she be able to find a way back to the life she was forced to leave behind? 


The following four days were just like the first few months when Peter and I had got together. He did everything I wanted. No complaining. He was as charming as I remembered him from the start. It was as if the first four days of our vacation had never happened.

We socialised with others. He played tennis with Jason. He let me go riding without complaint and was waiting for me to come back every time with a rose in his hand.

I didn’t see Salah Ali again at the stables. Alnnajm Almuta’alliq waited for me and I had an escort. Since Rashid was occupied with other hotel guests, I was accompanied by another man from the stables. He never spoke a word, not hello at my arrival, not goodbye when I left. He looked almost the same as Rashid so I presumed they were at least relatives, if not brothers. Every evening we took the same route as the first day when I rode with Salah Ali. I already knew the path by heart.

Another argument broke out at the start of the second week of our vacation.

I had stayed that morning with Peter by the pool. I knew he preferred the pool to the sea. I didn’t understand that but I wanted to show my appreciation for all the effort he had made.

The pool was divided into several sections with small islands, connected by bridges.

As the weather was sunny and hot, I spent most of the time in the water or in the shadow of the palm trees that grew on the islands. Peter joined me a couple of times and then he decided to get himself a drink from the bar on the other side of the pool.

“Do you want anything?” he asked.

“No. I think the tea guy will be round in a minute. I’ll have tea then.”

“How can you drink tea in this weather?”

“Easy. It cools me down. You should try it.”

“No, thank you,” he said, turned around and went to the pool bar. Knowing it would take him some time to get back to the loungers I decided to swim some lengths. The last length took me back to our side of the pool. I swam under the water as I wanted to see if I was still able to hold my breath long enough to do it.

When I reached the edge of the pool, I reached up to place my hands on the ledge to pull myself out. Instead of touching the marble, I clung on the hand that pulled me out of the pool. My face was soaking wet and my hair dripping, so I grabbed the towel that was handed to me. Wiping my face, I realised that it had got very quiet. There was still music playing in the background, but the usual chatter had stopped.

I put the towel down, and stared into Salah Ali’s black eyes. We looked at each other and when I finally managed to glance around for Peter, I saw that everyone near was staring at us; the guests, the hotel staff, Peter on the bridge that led to our side of the pool. Everyone. Salah Ali had that kind of charisma.

I caught Peter’s eye and shrugged my shoulders in answer to the question in his eyes.

“Thank you,” I said. Salah Ali took the wet towel from my hands and gave it to the man behind him.

“You’re welcome.” Then Peter joined us, putting his hand possessively over my shoulders.

“Is she yours?” Salah Ali said to Peter.

“Yes,” Peter answered.

“I’m no one’s possession,” I said and shook Peter’s hand off. I knew I had turned red in anger. Just at that moment, the tea waiter appeared. As soon as he spotted Salah Ali in our company, he turned away. The hotel guests went back to what they were doing. Even the hotel staff returned to their chores.

“Watch over her,” I heard Salah Ali saying, crystal clear.

I shook Peter’s arm off my shoulders.

“If you two are discussing the price, don’t! I’m no man’s possession!” I said to Salah Ali.

Both looked at me as though I was some strange species. Salah Ali turned back to Peter.

“Watch over her, very carefully. Al-salāmu ʿalaykum.” Then he left, not saying anything to me.

“What the hell was that?!” Peter turned towards me.

“You’re asking me? You two were discussing it.”

“We certainly were not! How could you say something like that?” Peter sat down in front of me. “Who was he?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“All I know is his name. Salah Ali.”

“And?” Peter’s voice started to tremble and he raked his hand through his hair over and over again.

“And nothing. He accompanied me the first evening when I went riding. You didn’t.”

“So every evening for the past four days you went back there hoping to see him again?” I finally put my sunglasses down and looked straight into his eyes. We were silent for a moment.

“You’re nuts. Do you know how old he is?”

“So what was he doing here?”

“How on earth should I know? He might be a guest here like we are. Jeez Peter! Think!”

I realised I was yelling and I didn’t want to make a scene. I stood up. There was that man again, standing on the edge of the pool, preparing to jump into the water. I could see his sky blue eyes, such a contrast to the colour of his hair and sun-tanned skin.


About the author:

June was born in June and she always loved the moon. She comes from Slovenia, a country which got its independence almost three decades ago.

She studied economics, and quickly realised she hated it. Afterwards, she found herself working in a mainly male-dominated businesses; at first in automotive and later steel products. She can choose the best steel for your project, but don't, please don't, ask her which lipstick brand you should use.

She started to write in high school and was criticised by her teacher. Stubborn as she is, that didn't stop her. Under different pen names, she had stories published in magazines, and then went on to publish three books.

After having two children, and learning that her second child has autism, she married their father and carried on working. Work and family life left her with little free time. But the desire to write didn't die. When life somehow sorted itself out, she decided to write a novel in English and her first submissions were rejected...

For what happened then, re-read the third paragraph, second sentence above...

Part of any journey includes trying new things. My first three books took place during the slow extinction of mankind. My next two novels unfolded in a dystopian world similar to ‘1984.’ For my upcoming books, I’m doing something completely different and publishing an epic space fantasy trilogy that I describe as a combination of Star Wars and Arthurian legend. As a lifelong fan of Star Wars, I’ve always wanted to create my own galaxy filled with aliens and adventure. Now I am. 

By itself, writing in a different genre could qualify as doing something new. That’s not where I’m stopping, however. 

 The real evolution comes in the way I’m publishing my Space Lore trilogy. I’m going to publish all three books at the same time! This approach was made popular by Netflix when they released entire seasons of new TV shows all at once. It gives viewers (or, in my case, readers) the chance to crash on a series without waiting for each new episode. I’ve decided I’ll try the same approach for my books, and as far as I know this model has never been attempted in the publishing world before. 

The great thing is that anyone who reads the first book and loves it won’t have to wait months or years for the sequel. How many times have you been blown away by a book and then had to wait forever for the next part of the series to be published? Well, not for my Space Lore trilogy! 

· Book One, *The Green Knight*, will come out June 7, 

· Book Two, *The Excalibur*, will come out June 8, and 

· Book Three, *The Round Table*, will come out June 9. 

 Make sure you pre-order your copy of *The Green Knight* right now and save 60% off the normal price! You can find it HERE.  Want to find out more about my books? Visit: http://www.chrisdietzel.com

What Good Is A Food Critic Who Can’t Eat?

(A Few Facts About Amateur Detective Josie Tucker)

An unlikely hero, Josie Tucker is small in stature, but big in attitude—plenty of sass, although most of it is in her mind. A study in contradictions, she’s a food critic with a chronically upset stomach. She’s emotionally in the remedial class—otherwise she would have been a valedictorian at life.

We first meet Josie in THE BRIDE WORE DEAD, a gritty but quirky romp set mostly in the southern Arizona desert. She has a knack for ferreting out the truth—and misfortune of being both asocial and a people magnet. Why do people love to talk to me? she wonders. Is it something about my face, my expression? Whatever it is, this magical combination works.

Josie reappears in DIM SUM, DEAD SOME, a fast-paced visit to San Francisco, where she searches for a missing computer programmer. Nerds, hipsters, and burlesque dancers abound, and Josie stumbles into trouble once again. Soul searching, dim sum dumplings, and earthquakes—she absorbs the local flavors like a true gourmand. And solves a mystery while she’s at it.

Note: DIM SUM, DEAD SOME is on sale. 99c/99p on Kindle from December 11-14.

Where will Josie turn up next? Coming in 2016, she goes back to college undercover in THE CUT-THROAT COED. Boston is the perfect college town. But some kids will do anything to make the grade. Anything

Can’t wait for the next book? Josie Tucker short stories occasionally pop up on my blog: www.JustTheEmWords.com. Follow me on Twitter (@meilaan) or Facebook (fb.com/emkaplan.author) so you don’t miss one.

Inspired by real events

By Chris Dietzel

Everyone is familiar with movies that say they were inspired by real events. Usually, these are based around figures or moments from history and focus on an event everyone is familiar with. A great example is the upcoming movie, Everest, about the expedition that was also written about in the bestselling nonfiction book, Into Thin Air.

But the same thing applies to fiction—and probably much more often than readers are aware. Whether it’s Stephen King writing about an author who drinks too much or Margaret Atwood writing about genetic experiments gone wrong, almost every author relies on real events to create their stories.

It’s no different for me. Almost every book I’ve written has been inspired in some way or other by stories that appeared on ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ or by current headlines that seem stranger than fiction. The best example is my latest book, The Theta Prophecy, which was inspired by three real events:

1) The treasure pit at Oak Island, where hidden riches may or may not be hidden;

2) JFK’s assassination and all of the conspiracy theories around it; and

3) The extent of mass surveillance on people around the world by today’s governments.

These three things combined to form a time travel dystopian unlike anything you’ve read before.

If you’re an author, you probably have similar stories of events that inspired your fiction. And if you’re a reader, it’s fun to try and figure out which true events may have inspired a work of fiction.

Be sure to check out my new release, The Theta Prophecy, which Kirkus called "A terrifying glimpse at a believable future." It just came out and is already getting incredible reviews. If you love dystopian fiction, stories inspired by real events, or books with time travel, it’s an absolute must read.

You can find it HERE.

Want to find out more about my books? Visit HERE:

I am thrilled that Roy Huff offered me the opportunity to blog on his amazing website! As Everville fans, you know what a fantastic author he is and I’m so flattered and happy to be here!

I always wanted to be an author. I have two books under my belt so far, both of which fall under the thriller/mystery umbrella: Sweet Things Dying and Cuts Like Glass. The goal with both books was to

create stories that would immediately hook the reader and draw them into the worlds of these characters. I know that for me personally, if a book doesn't get me quickly, it has to have an incredible word-of-mouth buzz around it or I tend to put it down.

I understand the importance of grabbing the reader from page one, sentence one if I want to pique a reader’s interest and keep them around for the long haul. Readers have to care about these characters if they are going to follow them for the entirety of their journeys.

With Sweet things Dying I took my protagonist, Eva Goldberg, and I wrote her into a situation where she had to fight to survive, but I didn’t want to tell the reader why at first. I layered the story like an onion: every time you think you know what's happened or what is about to happen, there's either a twist or another question left hanging.

With Eva, I stripped her of everything in life that gave her a sense of security. When you meet her, she's just gotten out of a passionless relationship and her stable career as a journalist has come to a crashing halt. I put her in this limbo where she could take chances because she didn't have much to lose. In her efforts to try and solve a cold case murder that has continued to baffle the professionals for over a decade, she is met with opposition at every turn.

Regardless of the danger that she encounters, Eva continues to pursue the truth about a woman that went missing years ago. She cannot stop digging into the past, even when she learns that there were several women that were murdered, and that she’s likely keeping company with the killer.

She has that inner voice that we all have, but unfortunately for her, she has to put her hand on the stove to know it's really hot. She cannot just be told that it is and trust. She needs to work on stilling herself, listening to that inner voice.

I chose to write the book mostly from her point-of-view, though there are a few chapters from the POV of another character.

This other character came out of this idea I had about a person who does the most horrific things to people, all the while believing in their mind that they’re actually helping the people that they’re harming.

This person is by all accounts, evil. I had to try to find a way to understand this person's motivations and actions. Without giving anything away, I had to create this person that does just horrific things but in that character’s mind, these victims are really being saved from life and the many problems that are unavoidable as we navigate this world. This character makes that decision for them; that they’re better off. I wonder how many people are out there like this...

With my new book Cuts Like Glass, I also wrote a character and backed her into a corner so dark, even I wasn’t sure that I could write her out of it! With this book, instead of writing a character and building the story around them as I did with Eva in Sweet Things Dying, I came up with the idea first and then created the characters around that.

Ella Griffin really did believe in love and that elusive happily-ever-after. That is, until she got it and realized it was all a façade. I open the book with a gruesome murder and give just enough away to the reader so they know that there is a man that is dangerous, and he’s connected to this murder from years ago, as well as, Ella. She’s in a bad spot, but I give her the tools to navigate her way out of it if she chooses to use them.

I wrote a woman who is isolated in many ways. She has to be on her own in this world. Otherwise, she would’ve been protected from this man she falls in love with, and prey to.

Once I had her backed so far into darkness, I had to then create a band of characters that would help guide her back into the light. One of my all-time favorite characters that I’ve written so far is a detective named Evelyn Milner. I think of her as the best friend that every person wants to have and would be lucky to find.

In both books, I’ve given my protagonists the tools to help them survive their circumstances. Through the writing process I decide whether or not they’ll actually use them.

I hope to entertain readers searching for a good story with intriguing characters and storylines. If you’d like to find out more, please check my books out on Amazon! Happy reading!

I'm very delighted to tell you that the publication date for my first novel 

RACING HEART (Race your heart around the bend with Racing Heart)
has been set and the date you have been waiting for is:  1st July 2015. 

By finding love Desire faces a tough question; will love make her stronger or will prevent her to find her kidnaped son?  

Interested to find the answer?... 

Cover reveal to follow... Soon!


The person behind the name of June Moonbridge, has many names and many faces too. Although living in the same area, she was born and raised in one country  and now living in another.

She studied economics, and quickly realised she hated it. Afterwards, she found herself working in mainly male businesses; at first in automotive and later - steel products productions. She can choose for you the best steel you need, but don't, please don't, ask her which lipstick to use.

She started to write in her high school and was negatively criticised by her teacher. Stubborn as she is that didn't stop her. Under different pen names for her stories she tried to get some independent opinions, which came back as good reviews in magazines and later she published three books.

Giving birth to two children, and learning that her second child has Autism, she married the father of them and continued to work. All that together took all of her free time. But the desire to write didn't die. When life somehow sorted itself out, she decided to write her novel in English and her first submission to Safkhet was rejected… 

For what happened later… read third paragraph, second sentence.

Catching up with author Mary Ann Bernal

You may or may not know:

One of the best surprises was delivered via Federal Express when Mary Ann received a thank you signed by the marines serving aboard the USS Ronald Reagan along with a lovely blue throw blanket with the USS Ronald Reagan emblem stitched into the fabric. This was in response to her book donation for their reading pleasure - boxes of signed copies of her work.

After visiting the Thetford Priory Ruins in Norfolk, UK, Mary Ann learned that Ghost Hunters had featured the site, which is reputedly haunted. She did not see any specters, much to her disappointment.

Being a proud Trekker, Mary Ann attended Star Trek conventions in New York City and also visited the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton where she can be found on the Voyager bridge next to Captain Janeway.

What have you been up to?

This year’s project was a collection of short stories that are available in all formats, electronic, print and audio.

This quote sums up the series.

As a reader, I really enjoy the series. I'm always surprised by the twists and like how each story is different from the last one.  Roberto S. Chicago

Scribbler Tales - contemporary short stories

Scribbler Tales is a unique mix of genres in one anthology rich with tension, humanity and genuine emotion. Unconventional settings and unexpected twists are bound to leave you pondering long after you close this book.”

Volume One

In Desperate Measures, Audrey learns of Paul’s duplicity when human cloning experiments go awry.  Forbidden Lore beckons Arianna and Ethan into a haunted cemetery where they are confronted by a gathering of witches with evil intent .  Adrian must challenge his father to marry Rina or suffer the fate of star-crossed lovers in Forever Lost. In The Hourglass, Flair makes a covenant with the Devil to keep Brice alive. Aaron reflects upon his childhood as a military brat in Sail with Me.

Volume Two

Madeline’s personal feelings clouds her judgment in Broken Promises where she must choose between love and obeying the law. When the guilty walk, a vigilante executes the criminals in Deception. Endgame finds a government researcher running for her life after discovering a horrific CIA secret in the isolated facility. A modern day Don Juan’s life is turned upside down in Malice when he is falsely accused of rape. In The Portrait, Holliday is obsessed with a formidable ancestor whose spirit wishes to possess her soul.

Volume Three

When a highly classified schematic of a prototype engine is stolen, the evidence points to an inside job in Hidden Lies. In Nightmare, Melanie’s childhood demons carryover into adulthood when she returns to her ancestral home. Detective Newport races against time to apprehend a killer targeting prosecuting attorneys in Payback. The Night Stalker is not a figment of Pamela’s imagination as she tries to convince the police that her life is in danger. While trying to identify a serial arsonist, a Fire Marshall suspects a highly decorated firefighter in Turning Point.

Volume Four

When the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur is kidnapped, Agent Richards races against time to find her in Abducted. In Cunning, newlywed Charlotte von Lichtner is obsessed with Transylvanian folklore when she encounters her husband’s mysterious kinsman. Enamored finds Lady Margaret besotted with a younger man whose intentions are suspect in their unorthodox relationship. Will the murderer succeed as he flees the crime scene in Reckless? Doctor/patient confidentiality is sorely tested when Sarah reveals the truth about her lover’s death in Safeguard.

Volume Five

In her quest for immortality, Lilly considers a Satanic covenant before the portal closes on All Hallows’ Eve in Bloodlust. When Felicity meets exotic Seth on a flight to Luxor, her fairy tale vacation is threatened by tomb robbers in Illusion. Manhunt finds Tami and Mick suspecting the newest member of their team while planning one final heist at the Diamond Exchange. Dr. Brenda Lancaster must develop a cure for a mutated pathogen before mankind becomes extinct in Pandemic. Angela plots her husband’s death in Revenge, unaware it may cost her the freedom she seeks.

For more information, kindly visit:

If you can write faster, you’ll be able to convey your messages quicker, and beat deadlines if there are any. But like any other skill, writing techniques has to be learned, polished or even unlearned before it is refined to a fine taste.

You can learn how to write faster, and write faster, but first you need to understand what it requires. Let’s see what it takes!

Relevant Tips on How to be a Faster Writer

The following tips can help you improve your writing speed:

Research Your Topic

Regardless of your writing skills, techniques, or level of professionalism, you will find it extremely difficult to write faster, if you don’t know what you intend to write about. A simple research is often the answer.

Before you pick up your pen to write or tap your computer keys, conduct some research. Find out more about the topic. See what experts have said; get an insight into the opinions and ideas of others. Make comparisons and pick an angle to cover.

If you did your research quiet well, and pick an angle, you will find it easier to write. Once your writing is easy, ideas flow freely, and speed follows accordingly. If you have little or no knowledge of what you intend to write about, then all you have is often a blank sheet staring at you, as you force yourself to write slowly.

Create an Outline

After the research, you can make your writing easier and faster by creating an outline. Your outline should reflect what you intend to cover in your writing, and how you intend to cover it.

If you plan to have four or five paragraphs, indicate that on your outline. Be specific by mentioning the ideas and example you intend to share in each paragraph. You may arrange the paragraphs in the order you want them to appear. Some writings start with an introductory paragraph and ends with a conclusion.

Nonetheless, there are no rules, your outline should be based on how you intend to pass your messages across, and the type of audience it is intended for.

Improve Your Typing Skills

Except you still write with pen, you have to work on your typing skill. If you know exactly what you intend to write but cannot type very fast, your writing will still be slow.

Do your best to familiarize yourself with the position of keys on your computer keyboard. Type often, type every day, use a timer, observe your speed, see if you’re improving and don’t give up!

Don’t Push Yourself Too Far

There is no guarantee that anyone will be the next greatest writer of this generation. So calm down, and don’t over expect when you write. You won’t learn how to write a 1000 words article perfectly within twenty minutes in one night.

Learn how to manage your expectations. Personal disappointment can slow you down when you write. Nonetheless, don’t settle for messy write-ups, set a reasonable standard and expectations. Within a short while, you can raise your standard and expectations and be a better and faster writer.

Find a Suitable Writing Time

Writing at any level of speed often requires focus and lack of distractions. You need to find a suitable writing time that can bring out the best in you. Do you find it easier to write faster and better when you are all alone? Or do you write faster when your friend or spouse is around?

At what time of the day do you feel more relaxed and can think better and faster? You need to give yourself an edge and write at the most appropriate time for you. Some writers prefer the early hours of the morning, others prefer daytime, some can write anytime, and most prefer to write while all alone. Only you can find your suitable writing time. Do it!

Edit Thoroughly

If you can write very fast, chances are higher that you’ll require more editing. Speed and accuracy in writing doesn’t often walk hand-in-hand. After you write, you need to edit thoroughly.

Your speed has already saved you enough time for editing. Check for grammar, spelling, vague sentences, repeated ideas in different words, and run-on sentences etc. Speedy writing skills are useless if your final draft is a complete mess. As such, edit ruthlessly!

Write Everyday

The more you write, the better and faster you will be at it. Don’t write once in a while, or only when you feel like. Look for a reason to write every day. Write about a sport match you watched, your opinion about a topic on TV or online.

Write about your favorite TV show, and why you love it. Write about your pets, about your spouse, about your kids, siblings and neighbors etc. Write about what inspires you, scares you, and about the things you love and hate. Learn from your mistakes, improve, and you will write better and faster.

Give Yourself Time to Master Your Speed

Your writing speed will not be constant within few attempts. Sometimes the topic you’re writing on may slow you down or inspire you to write faster. Give yourself time to master your writing speed.

Don’t get discouraged if your speed fluctuates sometimes, it happens to all writers. Give yourself some time for your new skill to sit in. You may use a timer to observe your speed, so you’ll know how well you’re doing or not. In all, speed and accuracy should be your ultimate writing goal.

~ Stephanie McKibben
Slave to a 100 lbs. GSD (German Shepard) and a computer she calls "Dave", you'll often see her riding a 19 hand Shire nicknamed "Gunny" to the local coffee shop near the Santa Monica mountains.  Stephanie reads for the love of words, and writes fiction about Dark Hearts and Heroes revolving around social taboos.  When ever asked, she'll reply her whole life can be seen through a comic ~ sometimes twisted, sometimes funny but always beautiful and its title is adventure.  Come play! - See more at: http://www.snmckibben.com

The sixth story of the Accidental Sorcerers series, Beyond the Sea of Storms, finds its way into all major eBook outlets on Wednesday, May 27! In this story, Sura, Mik, and their long-suffering mentor find themselves on the other side of Termag, far from anything familiar, wondering how they can find their way home.


The newly resettled town of Vlis seems an ideal place for Mik to recover from battle-shock—quiet, remote, and on the edge of the Deep Forest. But the Deep Forest has a mind of its own. Soon, Sura’s compulsion to return home takes them farther from home than ever.

Befriended by a Lesser Dragon, hailed as a prophet by the locals, Bailar and his apprentices must find their way in an unfamiliar place. When an invasion forces them to choose sides, Mik must come to grips with his deepest fear to save his friends and innocent folk.


Larry Kollar lives in north Georgia, surrounded by kudzu, trees, and in-laws. His day job involves writing user manuals—some of which may have been fiction, but not by intent. He has had short fictional works published in the Hogglepot Journal, the Were-Traveler, and the anthology Best of Friday Flash, Vol. 2. Longer works include his first novel, White Pickups, and the popular Accidental Sorcerers series.
Surviving the Publishing Process

Novice writers might be surprised to learn that the publishing process isn’t a quick and easy thing. It can take a year or longer to go from manuscript to printed book. Here’s the step-by-step process and a few tips to help you survive.

Step one: writing the book. This may seem pretty obvious, but it is the step that must be completed before anything else can happen. After the book has been written, it should undergo a thorough editing. This should be done by a professional. All grammatical and spelling errors should be corrected, as well as any problematic plot issues. Manuscripts with errors are just not accepted. So spend the extra money to have your work edited.

Step two: finding an agent or publisher. These days, most works need an agent to see publication. There are several resources writers can use to find agents (www.agentquery.com, or a book called Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market). Make a list of agents or publishers who might be interested in your work. Research their submission requirements. You may need to write a query letter or a book proposal outlining your book’s summary, your credentials, and a marketing plan. There are plenty of books on the market which can help you do that.

Step three: accepting a contract. If you’re lucky, your work will be accepted. You will then receive a contract from the publisher. Go through the contract carefully. Make sure you understand which rights you are keeping and which you are giving to the publisher. The legal jargon can be a little confusing. If you need help, don’t be afraid to contact a lawyer. Most of the time, your agent will be able to help you with the tricky aspects of accepting a contract.

Step four: passing the editorial process. So you thought what you submitted was the way it was going to be? Think again. The publishing house has its own editorial process. You may be asked to revise your work several more times before it’s ready for publishing. Swallow your pride and work with the editor. Adhere to whatever deadlines are set. Always be professional and follow your editor’s suggestions.

Step five: reviewing the galley proof. After the book has gone through a design phase, you will receive an early printed version of the book, called a galley proof. Read through the proof and make any corrections before returning it to the publisher. This is the last stage of the editorial process.

Step six: marketing your book. It’s time to get out and tell the world about your book. You might be asked to make promotional appearances. Do as much as you can to promote your book.

Step seven: Last but not least, your book is printed and shipped. Pat yourself on the back – you wrote a book and you survived the publishing process!

About the Author:

Sherry Ellis is the award-winning author of Ten Zany Birds, That Baby Woke Me Up, AGAIN, and That Mama is a Grouch. She is also a professional musician who plays and teaches violin, viola, and piano. Sherry lives with her husband and two children in Atlanta, Georgia.

To learn more about Sherry, visit her website at www.sherryellis.org.

Blurb: Ten zany birds have a tree party, until one by one they find other things to do. It’s a zany countdown – which bird will stick around?

Description: Ten zany birds have a party in a tree, singing and dancing. Five have stripes, three have spots, and one has purple polka dots. They’re all having fun, but one by one, they become distracted.

One is frightened by a loud plane. One gets hungry. One wants to race and another needs a bath. Only one stays to sing in the tree, but who will it be?

Ten Zany Birds is a fun, beautifully illustrated picture book. As parents and teachers read, children are introduced to counting and basic subtraction skills. Whenever a bird leaves, the number of striped, spotted, and polka-dotted birds changes, teaching the application of simple classification rules.

Whimsical and entertaining, Sherry Ellis’s tale of ten silly, distractible little birds is an excellent choice for both prereader storybook time and early readers.